YangYang Pan. Artist / Painter


Yangyang Pan, born in 1976, studied at the Sichuan Fine Art Institute where she received her Bachelor of Arts with Honors in 1998 followed by her Master of Fine Art in 2002. She remained as an instructor until 2006 when she relocated to Canada. The artist is widely recognized for her gestural abstract paintings primarily focused on the contrasts found in nature. Her expressive visual language takes inspiration from nature, fusing it with spirit and spontaneity sourced from emotions within. Her palette is chromatically saturated in a higher key, which delights the senses and adds drama to the composition.

Pan has exhibited internationally since 2006, including Canada, USA, Italy and China.



1994年毕业于四川美院附中,其后在四川美术学院设计艺术系获学士和硕士学位,2002年留校任教。现居加拿大多伦多, 职业画家。

Representation 画廊:

Parts gallery, Toronto, CA,多伦多 ,加拿大。

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art gallery, NY, USA, 纽约,美国。

Collection & Commission

Government of Ontario Art Collection, Canada

Apple, USA

Holt Renfrew, Canada

Anthropologie, USA

Amour Vert, USA

Royal Elite International Academy, Canada

The Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, USA

Provide Commerce, USA

Vdara Las Vegas, USA

Sichuan Fine Art Institute, China


Market art + Design, with Madelyn Jordon Fine Art, July 7-12, 2018, Bridgehampton, NY. USA

Unveiling, Solo exhibition at Madelyn Jordon Fine Art, April 20- June 2, 2018, USA.

Solo Exhibition at Parts gallery, Sep 28 - Oct 8, 2017

Context Art Miami, with Madelyn Jordon Fine art. Nov29- Dec 4. Miami, USA.

Art Toronto, with Parts gallery, Oct 28-31, 2016. Toronto, Canada.

East Meets West in Contemporary Abstraction, Sept. 16– Oct. 29, 2016, solo show at Madelyn Jordon Fine Art gallery, Scarsdale, NY, USA.

Art-On Festival, Cascina, Italy. 2015

Drive through Dream, Oct 15 -Nov 5, solo show at Parts gallery, Toronto, Canada

Land of Allure, Sep 8 - Oct 14, First Canadian Place gallery, Toronto

Market art + Design, July 7-12, 2015, Bridgehampton, NY. USA

Love Art Fair, with Parts gallery, April 17 - 19, 2015, Toronto, Canada

Inside Out, solo show at Parts gallery, Nov 5-30, 2014, Toronto. Canada.

Art Toronto international art fair, with Parts gallery, Oct 23 - 27, 2014, Toronto, Canada

Down the Rabbit Hole, solo show at Madelyn Jordon Fine Art gallery, May 9 - June 21, 2014. USA

The Artist Project 2014, Toronto, ON, Canada

35th Annual Art Auction, Burlington Art Centre, ON, Canada, 2014

Art Toronto international art fair, with Parts gallery, 2013, Toronto, Canada

New York Affordable Art fair, with Madelyn Jordon Fine Art gallery USA, 2012  

Spring Fever, solo show at Madelyn Jordon Fine Art gallery, USA, 2012 

2012 Flower on wall, solo show at Canadian Fine Arts gallery, Toronto.


Email: info@yangyangpan.com

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